Hi, I'm back! What a feel trip..

Yes, it's definitely a feel trip. I've been so stressed lately because of work and personal thingy, then I decided to go to Japan to release my stress. Well actually, I love my job. I love my team, my office mate, and what I did. But there's something bothering me, like sometime people ignored my opinion and keep protecting the wrong person. Ya, that's terrible. Also, my ex boyfriend broke up with me last Valentine. Sometime it's bothering me and I don't want to think about it all the time #duhcurcol

Then I booked my flight ticket to Japan on spring. I went to Japan from March 25 - April 4, 2016. I lived in Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture from March 25 - 29 and moved to Tokyo from March 30 - April 4. I was hoping to see beautiful view of sakura, explore new places and I hope it will release my stress. I met new people from Couchsurfing and that opened my mind.

I met Hiroto at Kamakura station, he took me to explore Kamakura and Enoshima. He's 26 years old and works at manufacturing company as an IT staff. I'm glad that he took me to super beautiful places in Kamakura and Enoshima, we went for a walk along the beach at twilight. I told him about my stories, I've been offered a good job with good salary but I don't think that I like the job. I'm still confused about it. He gave me some very good advice, 
"You love your current job, right? What if the new job won't allow you to do your hobby as a blogger? You have wonderful team mate right now, do you really want to leave them? Are you sure that you will like the new job? Just believe and do what your like. Don't lose what you love, there's another way to earn money."
He told me that he envy me, because actually he didn't like his job and he really wants to be a writer. So before I regret it's better to think about it twice. Thank you so much, Hiroto.
I moved to Tokyo and met Shawn, 33 years old Korean guy that lived and worked in Japan for 8 years. At first we had a nice conversation and then he's curious about my story because I kept telling about my ex boyfriend. This guy broke up with me without telling the reason, he doesn't have time for me and always busy with his work, even on weekends. And Shawn said,
"It's typical and very common, even girls too. My ex girlfriend was Japanese and she also did the same thing. She always think about her job, her job, and her job. I proposed her and asked her to marry me, but she refused. She don't want to be a housewife and leave her job. Most of Japanese people not willing to have a long-term relationship or marriage. Leaving someone without any reason is common too."
Oh, it's common. Oh well, we're in the same boat. Nuff said.

Not only Hiroto and Shawn, I met many people and they said that I had a cool job. Well, working at this beauty-online-media company is kind of my dream job. I've been dreaming to work at this company before, and it's came true. So I asked again to myself, "do you really want to leave?". Well, maybe no this time. I already made up my mind, I don't want to leave my job and my team because I love them. I believe that my team always there for me whenever I'm under pressure. Yap, we can do this together. 

Oh! When I'm on my way back to Narita airport, I met my ex boyfriend at Nippori station. He saw me as I saw him, and he turned away so rapidly. What a jerk! Feels like I want to kick his ass off to the railroad HAHAHA. But yeah, that's criminal. So better to don't do that.

Thank you so much for the feel trip, Japan. I hope to visit you again soon. Well, I don't know. I promise myself that this trip will be the last trip to Japan, at least in this year. But to be honest, I still want to go to Tokyo again. So people, please don't ask me why I go to Japan again and again. I just can't get enough :'(

Udah, curcolnya gitu aja. Bhay!